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Heavy-Duty Industrial Curtains in Edmonton

Canfab Products Ltd in Edmonton provides industrial curtains to your workspace for added protection and organization. Wash bay curtains are ideal for the auto industry to keep water and dirt contained to the washing area. Welding curtains are needed for shops and schools to add safe spaces for work to be completed. For your warehouse, we provide strip and divider curtains to increase optimal workflow for your business.

Curtains are great for not only dividing your workspace but can help reduce noise and debris from spreading. Industrial Curtains can be used to:

Keep workers safe

Protect equipment

Regulate temperature

Prevent pollutants and dirty water from spreading

Add privacy

Whether you are looking to add curtains to a new build or are looking for replacements, our curtains are durable and made to last. For a reliable solution to increased safety and organization for your business, contact us to get your quote.

How Can We Assist You?

Whether you’re looking for commercial or residential services, we are experienced in customizing our products to our customer’s needs.

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